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My Dear Guests,

Welcome to the World of Majolica. Rejuvenated in the middle of the 19th century in U.K. and presented by Herbert Minton in 1851 during the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace in London, Majolica quickly conquered the hearts of people at large. Especially those of the “new English”, the newly-born “Upper-Middle Class”, who had no china or silver or other valuables inherited from their families, but wanted their houses to look rich, stylish and well-decorated.

Fashion for Majolica quickly spread throughout Europe in the 1890’, and inspired artists to develop Renaissance, Palissy designs, Oriental and Islamic styles, adding national or modern touch to their objects.

Bohemian Majolica ware produced by the factories in Austrian-Hungarian Empire (often referred to as Continental or European Majolica in US) demonstrates the most interesting and profound input of the artists in developing Majolica techniques and designs.

Bohemian Majolica varies in form and style and has very distinct character of its own. Late Victorian style objects are most picturesque and eye-catching, though objects of later periods – Art Nouvau, Modern and Deco demonstrate more delicate and modern forms.

Unfortunately, the age of Majolica was not long, and a palpable decrease of artistic value of objects can be seen in Majolica dated from the 40’ of the 20th century, though its eclectics and sometimes Kitsch features, may also find fans among collectors.

Antique Majolica unfortunately so rare to be found nowdays will easily find its way to your soul, will warm up your heart and your home .

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